Step #08 : Install and check OpenERP data pump


In the next step in this series we will Demonstrate Google Spreadsheet to OpenERP Data Pump.

First, however, we have to install and configure it.  In this video you will see how.

For deeper understanding please read the documentation for Google Spreadsheets to OpenERP Data Pump.

Success with this step depends on the previous step Install And check GSpread.  In fact, the Salt state stack for the data pump needs to be able to execute GSpread's self-test.  Most of this video is concerned with preparing for that.

Here's the video:

Tasks performed

  1. Copy the access and refresh tokens that were acquired at the end of the previous step, and apply them to the pillar init.sls for gdata_oerp_pump
  2. Open a new or unimportant spreadsheet and copy'n paste its title, URL  and key into the pillar init.sls for gdata_oerp_pump. These control GSpread's self test
  3. Run salt 'name of the target minion' state.sls gdata_oerp_pump.
  4. Verify that the install proceeded correctly and that the embedded GSpread self-test encountered no errors.

An overview of all the steps is available here:

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