Step #03 : Create template from VM and 2nd VM from template


In the first two steps we created an Ubuntu 13.10 virtual machine in an Apache CloudStack virtual environment.

Now we will see how to make a second virtual machine from a template made from the first one.

Note : Steps one through three have been done in a pay-by-the-hour CloudStack virtual machine environment.  This is completely optional  However, you will certainly want multiple machines, virtual or physical, for steps four through nine.

Here's the video:

Tasks performed

  1. Stop using the built-in console. Get the IP address and connect via SSH
  2. Make sure our virtual server is fully up-to-date using these apt-get commands
  3. Stop the server in order to use its disk.
  4. Got to the "Storage" area, find the disk and start creating a template.
  5. Create a new instance of the VM, and call it SaltMinion.
  6. Get the new machine's IP address
  7. Log in to it using SSH.

An overview of all the steps of this series is available here:

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